The Matta

CIMG1197Edinburgh based rap funk specialists The Matta have developed a unique spectrum of style, sounds and ideas that represent their own indomitable identity.   Formed in 2012 by singer songwriters Ali Stewart and Mike Daniel (MC MAD)  they comprise a host of musical talents and timeless songs that effortlessly transport the listener straight to the heart of the matter.   Socially conscious electronic dub fusions mixed with punked up lyrical funk driven beats and awareness to the politics of life, pulsing alongside deep basslines and skin tingling rhythms.  The Matta sound is difficult to categorize,  something like rap fused tribal electronica with a spiky guitar edge and a powerful articulate blend of the spiritual and political with musical roots in reggae, punk, dub and funk.

Collaborating with violin maestro Kenny Brady (ex-Fall) on such tracks as Bass to Facilitate written for homeless charity The Cyrennians The Matta have strove to raise awareness of homelessness and poverty and recently headlined the Rock Trust benefit gig in Edinburgh’s festival square to critical acclaim.   Further successful gigs have followed at the Mash House,  The Wash Bar,  The City Cafe and The Cowshed along with several live collaborations with the Tinky Disco collective  and another benefit gig in aid of the Syrian refugee crisis at Studio 24.  IMG_20160127_135755

Check out some of the latest demos available on the site also available on Soundcloud, including live favourite “Mind is Your Makeup” and links to the videos Power and Lies and Debtanation (both produced by Sinclair MacLay) Please feel free to post any comments on the music or anything else on your mind.


More tracks and videos to come.  Hope to see you soon.