Mind is Your Makeup

Physicalize it.  Spiritually Guided.
Imagineer it or visualize it
Specialize it and keep on combining
Ina the make up, genetically binding
Utilize and twist up your mind plan
Lift up your size and mentally titan
Mesmerize and zenith and heighten
Something to vibe on, climb on, ride on.

“Ride on”……..

Your mind is your makeup
Turbulent seas
Your mind is your makeup, your mind is your makeup
Your mind is your makeup
Full of turbulency
Your mind is your makeup, your mind is your makeup.

You make a move and through intervention
You take a trip quick with this intention
We’re on a journey through portent potential
How can I describe all that we entail?
Check out the spectra add a little extra
What comes next is all about reflection
Too many this and that and dissection
Now come alive and ride…
Turn your light on Ad Infinitum
Who is in control of contrast and brighten?
Make no mistake now shake up enlighten
Create the mind form, and shine on.

“Shine on”……